Here are some of the newsletters we used to produce. There's so much happening we don't get chance to put it to paper now, so we produce e-news. If you want to keep up with the news, we now work through Transition Northwich, whose news items are posted on Facebook. The Centre for Alternative Technology host their latest Clean Slate magazines here.

What's in the newsletters:

Summer 04:

CHAIN meeting, what are PCBs and Dioxins;  Advice on running a plastics recycling business;  Dealing with potato blight;  Organic Food for All;  Green electricity tariffs;  Our Carbon Calculator;  Site wind turbines by the sea;  New Mersey Crossing; for cycling holidays;  Sustrans' advice on road engineering.

Autumn 04:

Empty Roads (and poem);  CCC cycle training;  Sailing on tall ships;  Dunweedin recycled rubber mulch; Kit for outdoor work and education;  Heritage apples and pears sought;  VREN AGM notes;  Environmentalism as a culture;  Train to install PV;  Contacts for farmers considering wind farms

Winter 2004/5

A Franciscan Blessing; A Letter from South Africa (from 'The Rough Guide to a Better World'); Miscanthus; Transportable biodiesel refinery; CIS Tower PV; Energy by osmosis in estuaries; Domestic Tradable Quotas; Hydropower - known resource in local waters and formulae for other streams; Domestic Wind Turbines; DEFRA renewables guidelines, PPS22; North West Organic Centre website listing organic outlets; Netregs - environmental legislation for businesses; Eco-Congregation resources; Planet Earth - free mag from NERC; BTCV resources; advice on BMX tracks; leaflet distribution via VRBC; Energy awareness for schoolchildren officer; National Express offers; Traveline and continental travel advice; data on Riversdale Bridge traffic; Second Mersey crossing at Runcorn; No to M6 widening; Cycling - how many watts do you do?; Local Mock Wood (recycled plastic); Banned timber treatment; Tetrapak recycling

Spring 2005

Will we get wind? And assessment of the pros and cons of wind power; Advice on Getting Grants; Parish Council contacts; Peace Tax Seven; Wildlife Trusts’ campaigns – marine habitats and invasive water creatures (mainly plants); Aliens via Tree Ferns; Harlequin Ladybirds; Schools – BBC Teachers’ Channel; School Meals; Globe Programme resources; Environment Speakers; Green Energy Machine; Lifestyles – shoddy buildings; How Long to Recharge Batteries; PixelFountain sustainable planning workshop; Babygroe baby products; Rail Promotions; Stone Mastic Asphalt controversy; Traveline website – is at (note ‘org’); for local journeys, the link is now > Plan a Journey; Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership; Vale Royal Locks Repair; Gov’t Publications – sustainable development strategy, soil action plan; Job Websites; Resources from Centre for Alternative Technology and Low Impact Living Initiative; Satellite Images of the UK; Vertical composting Units in Manchester; Econexus GM reports; Secure Computer Recycling; Recycled Bricks; Little Budworth Pool water level; Corporation Meadows Save Money; Heating Oil from Chip Fat.

September 2005

Don’t be Cold (keeping warm advice), Find you way around Northwich Community Woodlands (guide leaflet), The Call of the Wild (how kids benefit from being outside getting dirty), Gardening aids mental health, No Waste Like Home (online look around Penny Poyser’s ecohome), Wildlife Friendly Gardening, Public Relations – notes from an expert, Builders Note – what people look for in a new home, Northwich Vision (before Wilson Bowden pulled out), A Successful Bike-to-School, Train to Train Cyclists, Cycle Helmets – the value of, Cycling for Women – advice; Cheshire Cycling Maps, Traveline – use, Overland to… Two useful websites for those wishing to travel abroad by surface transport, Car-Free Christians, TrainTracker – the National Rail service advising you the estimated current running time of direct trains, CHAIN – Cheshire’s Anti-Incinerator network, Split Bins/Can Crushers/Recycling Bags – a supplier, Greenfinch – pioneers of in-vessel digestion of food waste, sewage sludge and ryegrass to produce methane for combined heat and power (CHP) and liquid fertiliser, Other Ways with Waste Food – for homeless/energy generation/compost, Recycling Ideas – glass into worktops and food into compost, Nappies – opposing views on disposables and washables, Heat Treated Carpet – to make furniture, Shopping for Renewable Energy – Manchester supplier for energy making/using equipment, Train to Install Solar Panels, Stop Climate Chaos – action group, How Does Your Power Supplier Match Up? Comparison website giving proportion renewable energy, The Manchester Bobber – wave energy converter, Free Trees – from Cheshire Landscape Trust, TB and Badgers – report on a Defra survey, Clocaenog Wildlife (near Ruthin), More on Harlequin Ladybirds, More Carp Trouble (reports of Spring Viraemia virus near Weymouth)

to be completed...

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