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Final Words from Kate Radford
Her position with CWEA/CWEC ended on 31st March, but here's her advice for contacts:
"Several people have asked where they can go for more climate change information or how they will find out about events etc - I’m not sure everything will be in one place but your local Council climate change officer teams and some of the links below would be a good place to start
· Cheshire West & Chester – Peter Bulmer peter.bulmer[at]
Cheshire East – Keith Boughey – keith.boughey[at]
Warrington – Rachel Waggett – rwaggett[at]
· Low Carbon Communities can contact John Heselwood at Cheshire Community Action to ensure they are on the Cheshire & Warrington Low Carbon Communities Network list -  john.heselwood[at]
· Businesses could sign up to receive update emails from either Groundwork Cheshire via their E3 website or check the Envirolink website
· If you’d like to sign up to a similar mailing list on a broad range of environmental issues you could sign up to VREN - Vale Royal Environmental Network which covers Mid Cheshire and some of the wider area
· Also the Climate Change Northwest Website currently co-ordinated by the NWDA will remain around for some time until the demise of the NWDA. Copies of all the documents we’ve published and projects we have worked on are listed in the Cheshire & Warrington section. See
Hope that helps. If you’d like to stay in touch with me as part of my professional network I am on Linked In – (like Facebook but for professional networking and with less embarrassing holiday photos!) Just search for me by name. [Or you can send an email to VREN for forwarding.}
Thanks for being a great bunch of people to work with over the last 3 years.
All the best for your futures

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