Cheshire and Warrington Low Carbon Communities Network

This network currently comprises Chester, Ashton Hayes, Upton, Bollington, Tattenhall, Ashton Hayes, Westminster Park, and lots of local WI Eco Groups. 

Northwich Transition: contact us, on facebook , and website.


aim to start a group: see flyer
Little Leigh
Is a small village outside Northwich, which has an active green group. Contact Sue Griffiths if interested - 01606 891562
Dane Valley are doing a feasibility study into a small hydro scheme in at a former mill site in Congleton.
Bosley are looking at energy efficiency and local fruit and veg, and planting 3 acres of woodland.
Tattenhall are developing carbon footprints and providing advice and grant information for energy conservation.
They're looking at grants for photovoltaic panels and a ground source heat pump for the swimming pool.

Westminster Park, Chester
are holding exhibitions on recycling, insulation, renewable energy and sustainable transport.
They plan a once-weekly cycle repair stall.

Report on transition initiatives and other climate change/energy saving moves in Cheshire, 2008

A letter from Josh at CWAC, 18th Feb..

To all of our Low Carbon Community Groups,

As you may be aware Climate Week 2013 (4th-10 March) is nearly upon us and here at Cheshire West and Chester Council we’re keen for you to let us know what you are doing to mark this event. There are many things that you could be doing to help raise the awareness of Climate Change; these could include a Community Low Carbon Lunch; general talks and discussions around saving water, electricity or fuel (and more importantly money); meetings with locals to discuss carbon resilience, or a local market to increase the awareness of local produce. Of course these are only suggestions and you may have lots of other and better ideas, just let us know and we can help to promote and share your experiences with others.

Please contact either myself via email at Josh.Charman[at] or George Ablett on George.Ablett[at]

VREN will also be pleased to help.

The next meeting of the Cheshire & Warrington Low Carbon Communities Network is to be held on Monday 21st January 2013 starting at 6.30pm and finishing at 8.30pm. Sandwiches and tea & coffee will be provided. The venue is The Friends (Quaker) Meeting House, 1a Bourne St, Wilmslow SK9 5HD (next to Wilmslow Guild). It is accessible from Wilmslow train station, 15-20minute walk. Please car share where possible (please contact Tania if you would like to offer a lift to others and she will try to match people with lifts).
There’s an exciting and varied array of speakers in what is expected to be an informative and interactive meeting.
Andrew Backhouse, as a leading member of our host Transition Wilmslow, will be giving a flavour of their work and bringing us up to date on their recent activities.
We are pleased to welcome Simon Kenton – CAG Project Manager and Sarah Burns - CAG Project Impact Modeller who are joining us from Oxfordshire.
Community Action Groups is a network of over 50 local voluntary groups in Oxfordshire at the forefront of community led climate change action. CAGs organise events and initiatives to raise awareness and take action on climate change issues including waste reduction, carbon reduction, sustainable transport, and food, energy and water issues to live a more sustainable and less resource dependent life in their local community.  The 3 members of the CAG support team provide hands-on, day to day help and advice for groups, and liaise with local and national government to ensure community responses to climate change are kept on the agenda.

As the CAG Project Impact Modeller Sarah is working with a new community impact modelling tool which estimates the impact community led activities have on carbon and waste reductions, and the associated financial savings. Over the next year the project will involve collecting and inputting data from community groups into the model whilst testing its underlying assumptions, in order to produce a robust model that will help do what has not been done before and quantify the impact of community action.

Mike Taylor from Congleton Sustainability Group will be sharing an exciting new project the Group launched in Congleton last year called Sustainable Living in Congleton.
And Peter Bulmer from Cheshire West & Chester Council will be discussing their Resilient Communities work.
There will also the opportunity to share any projects/ideas/issues/news with everyone.
This is an excellent networking opportunity and we do hope that many of you will be able to join us. Please let Tania know ( if you are planning to attend so they can make sure there are adequate refreshments for everyone.

Design Your Neighbourhood

The Design Council is introducing a scheme Design Your Neighbourhood to fund the provision of design expertise and support to a small number of communities and help improve design for neighbourhoods, housing, other buildings and public space such as streets and parks.

Design Your Neighbourhood will link community groups to local design partners that provide expertise in architecture, planning and/or urban design. Design support equal to a value of up to approximately £10,000 will be provided to each project. The programme runs from September 2012 to March 2013.

Deadline: Monday 20 August 2012.

There’s a 10 page application form to fill in. It’s in docx format – if you have difficulties with that there’s a doc version here.
Here's hoping there's a re-run!


Local Energy Assessment Fund presentations
at Lymm, 22nd May 2012
Dr Mary Gillie, EnergeticUK, on the stages of energy reduction. There are four phases to home energy reduction, from the simple draughtproofing to solid wall insulation and installing renewable energy kit. A local rotating loan/investment fund could help, along with bulk installation.
Ashton Hayes Garry Charnock described the New Economics Foundation work to produce a way to evaluate the social, environmental and economic benefits of the Ashton Hayes Going Carbon Neutral project.
Golden Gates, Warrington. Bill Wilkinson of Energy Audit Company worked with Golden Gates Housing Association in Warrington to assess the overall energy efficiency of private housing in the Longford area, provide detailed individual energy improvement advice, and assess the potential for Green Deal measures individually and overall. The energy efficiency of private housing lags behind housing trust properties. His computer program estimates savings on the most viable improvement before working out savings on subsequent improvements, which results in extending the payback times for renewables. One householder was told of an 84.5 year payback for solar water heating (this would depend on usage). The Green Deal needs savings to be at least 7% of the cost of the improvement – the Golden Rule. With insulation (not solid wall) done through CERT, condensing boilers would not meet the Golden Rule most of the time, and the Green Deal will not help many properties with a SAP better than 55. He also touched on incentives to encourage people to take up insulation measures, such as free insulation plus cash (see page 25).
Lymm. Volunteers walked the streets assessing housing and other building types, a selection of which (160 homes, 18 small businesses, 7 community buildings) were then investigated by qualified energy surveyors. Despite Lymm having a higher average energy consumption than Warrington, 57% or properties had potential saving of less than £50 – but there were some with far higher. Solid wall insulation is a difficult nut, less than a quarter of those surveyed would pay back within 25 years.
Macclesfield. Have a multi-faceted project. After surveying the housing types, they used 61 types for an online calculator that allows you to assess the most applicable energy improvements for your property. They’re investigating a town centre district heating scheme, based on renewables. They’re signing up suppliers to be ready for the Green Deal. They’re registering energy ambassadors to take the message to the public. And they’ve got a brand and website –
Transition Wilmslow – some thoughts for anyone starting community energy reduction.

Adjacent Initiatives

Transition Town Altrincham, Hale and Bowden

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