Centre for Alternative Technology, Machynlleth 2

Grounds and equipment:
  Ram pump. Using just the run of flow of the water, the pump is pushing water up the arching pipe on the left, to drop in the pond beyond. The falling water doesn't show well, you have to look closely...
Forest Garden, between glade and WISE
Glade, forest garden, WISE
Shiitake on Log? Some logs CAT inherited from elsewhere, already inoculated. They've been waiting ages for a crop, shocked them and everything. But left alone, here they go. But are they shiitake?
Calceolaria tripartita? In the Polytunnel at CAT
Polytunnel - grapes. bottle gourds, squash...
Polytunnel - grapes, mullein, giant echiums. Giant Echiums base and unflowering shoots only are showing (mid picture), tops hidden by grapes.
Giant Echium. Echium pininana, reaching the polytunnel roof and attracting bees galore. The stalk is six foot+ to the bottom of the flowering mass, which appears to have been broken before it went through the roof.
A solar cooker. Indoors - no chance of a hot meal!

For pictures of the WISE building at CAT, click here.

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