Weaver Valley

The Weaver Gowy Catchment Partnership invites you to
a workshop on
The Draft North West River Basin Management Plan

- a guide to answering the consultation questions

Wednesday 21st January 2015

2 - 5pm Cuddington & Sandiway Village Hall
Registration & refreshments from 1.30pm
Norley Road

For more information and to let us know you intend to come, please contact the Catchment Host: Alistair Cook

of Groundwork Cheshire

Tel 01606 723160 / 07867 355443

 e-mail alistair.cook[at]groundworkcheshire.org.uk

The Draft North West River Basin Management Plan sets out long term objectives for the water environment. The final plan - to be released by the end of 2015 - will shape decisions, investment and action and deliver significant benefits to society and the environment.

This workshop is for individuals and organizations who would like an insight - directly from the Environment Agency - into the meaning of the consultation questions and assistance in providing an informed response.

This is your chance to let the Environment Agency know how you think your local water bodies (rivers, meres, ponds and reservoirs) should be managed in future.

The consultation runs until 10th April 2015.

To view the full draft plans and to respond to the consultation questions, follow the link Consultations on the draft River Basin Management Plans



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