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DVD About Roundwood Timber Framing With Ben Law
Online video of building naturally, using local resources. The self built house of woodsman Ben Law was made famous by Channel 4 Grand Designs. Swansea based charity Undercurrents has released a step-by-step design and build process for his unique style of build presented by Ben. Ben also includes guidance for the creation of cordwood walls and rammed earth floors as well as showing his off 12V Grid system.
The 85min video can be watched online or bought on DVD via

Welsh Low Impact Film
In January 2013 Undercurrents released a 50 minute film about Policy 52 – Wales’ Low impact development policy which allowed the first planned Ecovillage to be developed in West Wales.

Screenings were hosted all over Wales, and other groups are welcome to screen.
Details are at

UnderCurrents Videos look interesting –
Bushcraft and Survival
Roundwood timber frame building
No flying to Australi
Aviation and Climate Change
Climate change and the coastal environment
A-Z of climate change
The Battle of Solsbury Hill

Solar Tree documentary coming very soon! With Josh now back from travelling, he’s been busy putting the finishing touches to the promised Solar Tree documentary. Some of his footage is used in the new funding video, but you’ll have to wait until the next update to see the finished product. For now, check out what Ayesha, one of our participants, had to say about it.

Incredible Edible Todmorden - video
This is a fantastic, funny, inspiring talk given by Mary Clear from Incredible Edible Todmoren, a small town in Yorkshire whose people decided they were worried about climate change, food security in Africa and their children's future. See Permaculture website
Consequences of fracking video:

An article about the environmental pollution and health issues concerning plastics. Read the written article - the video will take a bit longer at 1h 25min. The rope making idea (in the text) is fine - providing you use non-degradable bags!
On the floating mass of plastics in the Pacific:

In Transition 2.0 - the Transition Movement's story of resilience & hope in extraordinary times

Electricity from pedalling – various gadgets -

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