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Researching the beginnings of the environmental movement

I am a PhD student in History at Northumbria University. I am looking at the development of the environmental movement in Britain after the Second World War, c.1950-c.1970. I would like to speak to members of the public about their experiences within the movement. I am looking in particular at three areas - the relationship between politics and the environmental movement; class and the environmental movement; and the development of an environmental consciousness in the period. I would appreciate anyone who is politically active, involved in environmental activism and was active or politicised in this period, to contact me.
I am hoping to conduct a series of interviews with activists or supporters of the environmental movement in order to ensure that the real story of this movement is heard. I think it is really important to emphasise the views and experience of ordinary members, since the movement was and is grassroots based, and not just about the leadership. I am more than happy to conduct the interviews in person (time and place at the interviewee's convenience), on the telephone or via email. Interviews normally last around an hour, but can be shorter or longer. I am bound by my University's guidelines on ethics, and can guarantee anonymity or any other restrictions that you request.
If you have any further questions, please drop me a line or give me a ring.
If you would like to check my credentials, please contact my PhD supervisor,
Dr. Joe Street, (joe.street@northumbria.ac.uk,
who will be happy to confirm them.
If you have any thoughts about this project, or would like to help out, please let me know and I'll do the rest!
Thank you,
Mark Wilson

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