Frodsham Wind Farm

Peel Energy is proposing a 21-turbine windfarm on the deposit grounds of the Manchester Ship Canal.

Public consultations were held at the end of November 2009:

·         It’s west of the M56

·         There’s a gap between two sets of turbines which may help birds and views from houses

·         There are already pylons along the site

·         Peel are planning a community fund to support low carbon projects in the Fordsham and Helsby area.

See descriptive flyer: front and back

The Wind Farm has been approved - for the Decision Letter, Consent Letter, Inspector's Report (July 2012) and Judgement of LSE (Sept 2012) see DECC website.

There's a scanned copy of a letter from Graham Evans, MP, 11th June 2013, about the new planning guidance for onshore wind turbines - how he feels it would have empowered the protesting Frodsham residents to fight the windfarm; along with a scanned copy of MPs Fallon and Pickles' circulated letter of 6th June 2012 describing the new guidance, here.

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