Carbon Challenge Calculator

This calculator will work out your emissions from the data you supply; you can save it for later amendment, try adding different fuels, test the options CO2-wise on journeys, see what happens when you get a lodger.

Some of the factors come from DEFRA's Act on CO2 programme, which is slow loading on dial-ups due to heavy graphic content, does not include the radiative forcing effect of air travel (which is a bit of an unknown at present - we've used a factor of 3), but does give sound advice on making some cuts.  To get that, visit - the link is currently on the front page.

Once you get a liking for it, you might fancy joining a club - setting targets, penalising anyone who exceeds them!

Note: delete any data already on the calculator, it was there for testing, and is entirely fictional.

Any comments - leave a note in our 'Contact Us' dept.

Carbon Challenge Calculator.xls

The impressive consequence of your flying emissions, including a factor for contrails:

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