Vale Royal Environment Network
was formed in the early 1990s, with May Molteno at the helm. She gave a wonderful arty, relaxing atmosphere to the project, in it's original office in the Council House, on Church Road, Northwich, sharing with CVS.

Ever-cheery Mac Carding followed, we had the Green Schools Network, and she set up Vale Royal Organic and Wildlife Gardeners and and Ethical Purchasing Group. However, bashed by time spent fundraising rather than changing the world, she left.

Computer-whizz Anton Schultz took over, set up our original website, and got us moved to the Groundwork Offices - the actual move happened after he'd left to work nearer home, in Manchester, for Environment Network for Manchester (EN4M).

Then the vivacious and charming Lynne Cullens took over,  converted us to a charity on a sound footing, and went on to the excitement of freelance community development and engagement.

We were then taken back over by Groundwork, as a project, with Abi Johnson at the helm: a cheery, easy-going lass who left for a sabbatical in South America. And then ex-teacher Nick Rowles, setting up home (and garden, with ducks) after having done his globetrotting.

And now, environmental expert, organic gardener and former energy surveyor  Anthony Powell is steering the ship.

We are honoured to have the famous ecologist David Bellamy as President.

Donations and funding welcome - please contact us! (Should Anthony be funded per newsletter?)

if you want us to help at or run an event, we can do that providing it doesn't contravene our constitution. Otherwise we might know someone who could help.

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